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A travel vacation should not only be an unforgettable experience, but offer solid peace of mind. That’s why USTOA created a consumer protection fund which protects consumers who book with our Active Members.
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Learn more about the USTOA Annual Conference & Marketplace.
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USTOA is a voluntary trade association with two categories of membership:

Active Members (U.S. tour operators)

Associate Members (travel suppliers)

Benefits of USTOA Membership

1) Both Active and Associate Members are invited to take part in the member-only USTOA Annual Conference & Marketplace, held in early December every year. The conference is more than just another networking event. Associate Members have an opportunity to interface with top executives from worldwide tour operators on a one to one, buy and sell basis, and really build meaningful partnerships that can take their business to the next level.

Members will also be able to participate in (or attend) state of the art symposiums that are both educational and interactive, and profit from the experience of industry leaders. Keynote speakers and expert panel discussions will help inspire and educate you to adhere to best practices, be an early adopter of trends and help you expand your global business.

2) Active and Associate Members (with certain exceptions) will receive the opportunity to feature the appropriate USTOA logo on their marketing materials.

3) Active and Associate Members are extended invitations to all events including webinars, Business After Hours networking mixers, and periodic events held throughout the year like the Congressional Caucus.

Active Membership Requirements

An Active Member is defined as a tour operator that has conducted business in the United States for at least three years.

To become an Active Member of USTOA, a tour operator company must:

  • meet the definition of a Tour Operator
  • provide a total of 18 references on its application from a variety of industry sources and financial institutions, including two current Active Members as sponsors. 
  • be a wholesale Tour Operator authorized to conduct business under the laws of one or more State(s) within the United States and have actively conducted business in one or more of said States for not less than three (3) years and continue at all times during membership to actively conduct business in one or more of said States; and have operated their business as a wholesale Tour Operator under the same ownership and/or management for not less than three (3) years, except that the same ownership and/or management for not less than three (3) years shall no be required for commencement or continuation of Active Membership of a Tour Operator, ownership of which is acquired by another Active Member in good standing
  • carry a minimum of $1,000,000 professional Travel Agent/Tour Operator liability insurance, with worldwide coverage
  • participate in the USTOA $1 Million Travelers Assistance Program by posting $1 million in the form of a letter of credit, bond or US Treasury bill, for use in reimbursing consumer deposits in case of bankruptcy, insolvency or cessation of business.

All Active Members of USTOA carry the Active Member logo on their printed materials and/or websites, indicating their participation in the USTOA $1 Million Travelers Assistance Program. Another important membership requirement is adherence to USTOA's strict code of ethics, which is framed by a pledge to encourage and maintain the highest standards of professionalism, integrity and service.

The Active Member annual dues range from $4,000 to $11,500 per year upon the basis of its combined tour business volume including all Brands for which the Active Member logo is used. There is an additional $1,000 fee for each Brand listed under your company membership.

Associate Membership Requirements

The second category of membership in USTOA is the Associate Member.

This invitation is extended to responsible travel companies whose interests and purposes are compatible with those of USTOA. Associate Members join USTOA in order to promote their services or destinations to our Active Members.

Associate Membership is offered to travel service providers, ground operators, common air carriers, head offices of organizations, associations and suppliers of tour products and services, government agencies and others interested in developing travel.

All new Associate Membership applications MUST now have TWO sponsor companies indicated on their application before it is submitted. The two sponsor companies must be a current Active Member and/or a current Associate Member. The sponsors will be contacted for a reference.

Most Associate Members are permitted to use the Associate Member logo on certain materials provided they strictly observe the "Associate Member Logo Use Guidelines". Associate Members of USTOA do not participate in the USTOA $1 Million Travelers Assistance Program and are not permitted to use any other USTOA logo.

The Associate Member annual dues are $800 per calendar year and are not prorated.