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Lindblad Expeditions brings you face-to-face with wildlife and culture by way of small, comfortable expedition ships that explore "international capitals of wildness and culture" such as the Galapagos Islands, Arctic Norway, Antarctica, Costa Rica, Baja California, Patagonia, Europe, and Alaska. Since 1979 our expert naturalists and historians have been leading adventurous travelers along remote coastlines by Zodiak craft, kayak, and hiking. We work in partnership with National Geographic. Our expeditions are in great comfort--our excellent accommodations, superb food and warmly attentive service have been earning top awards for years.

New Endeavours


New 2016
Itineraries on the National Geographic Orion throughout Europe


Following the Antarctic season in
early 2016, the National Geographic Orion will set course for Europe
where she will spend spring, summer and fall on a highly curated series of 22
one-week voyages.  The voyages will
provide a unique take on a familiar geography, with innovative itineraries that
will explore Portugal, Spain, France, England, Ireland, Holland, Belgium, the
Baltic Republics and Scandinavia. 


The voyages will be led by an
extraordinary team with a diverse scope of expertise about the countries being
explored covering ancient & modern history, political science, art,
viniculture and music, as well as leading active options such as hiking, biking
and kayaking. Special speakers will be drawn from the top tiers of journalism,
science, and world affairs to add relevant insights as part of the ‘Global
Perspectives Speakers’ program, and each voyage will feature a National
Geographic photographer. The itineraries have been designed to afford guests
the option to take consecutive voyages to discover a range of destinations.



Expeditions-National Geographic Partners with B&H Photo Video

Exclusive Gear Discounts &
Pre-Trip Recommendations, Itinerary-Specific Shooting Tips


Capturing once-in-a-lifetime memories
has always been at the heart of the Lindblad Expeditions-National Geographic
travel experience. Now, thanks to a special partnership with world-renowned
retailer B&H Photo Video, Lindblad guests will have access to exclusive
discounts on gear, pre-trip gear recommendations and customized shooting tips
that will help them make the most of the magical scenes set to unfold before
their eyes and lenses.


Each booked Lindblad guest will
receive a guests-only link to B&H gear recommendations and discounts of up
to 15% that are tailored specifically for the chosen itinerary.  The
initiative is curated by Lindblad’s Director of Expedition Photography Ralph
Lee Hopkins and B&H experts, and includes a private webinar that will offer
itinerary-specific information - from the equator to the South Pacific, and
from the southern to the northern Polar Regions - that will have each
photographer positioned to succeed before the first image is snapped.  Guests
will receive a special B&H customer service number and email where
knowledgeable specialists can consult on specific gear needs and tips based on
the unique conditions of the geography.  Finally B&H experts will join
select Photo Expeditions to offer new gear for guests to test and lead
interactive workshops onboard.

Explore The World

Lindblad Expeditions, the expedition travel pioneer that works in partnership with the National Geographic Society to inspire people to explore and care about the planet, takes travelers to explore and discover far-flung corners of the world. We always travel in the company of experts who make the experience enormously enriching. With our small expedition ships, Zodiac landing craft, kayaks, naturalists, historians, archaeologists and other staff, Lindblad strives to help open the eyes of our guests when it comes to truly exploring. We do this because we believe the more our guests connect with these places, the more they will become a force for preserving and protecting them. Travelers choose our expeditions for their adventurous aspects, but once on board, they discover that ship life affords a double dose of something we all need these days: comfort and ease.

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