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Love Life? Then you and your customers will love Ecuador!

Ecuador is one of the most diverse countries on the planet; it offers visitors the opportunity to experience all sensations of life to its fullest.

Located on the Northwestern corner of the South American continent, the country is divided into four distinct regions including the Galapagos Islands, the Pacific Coast, the Andes and the Amazon; all sheltering unique ecosystems teeming with wildlife and hundreds of plants found nowhere else on the planet.

A country where you can straddle the Equator and stand in two different hemispheres, experience four seasons in just one day, hike to the closest point to the sun, admire six foot-tall roses in every color of the rainbow, watch the sun rise above the lush Amazon and set over the pacific coast, and witness a world that is a living example of the evolution of species.

In Ecuador, we invite all visitors to practice Conscious Tourism, a new concept founded on ethical and sustainable principles. Conscious Tourism promotes values that are dear to our hearts such as peace, friendship, respect and love for life as the essence of the tourism practice. We ask that all visitors and Ecuadorians commit to an accord of coexistence, responsibility, mutual respect, and fellowship between tourism suppliers and operators. We are happy to share this tourism experience with visitors who move through the world with their eyes, arms, minds and hearts wide open.

Spotlight Name
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This page has been sponsored by the ECUADOR'S MINISTRY OF TOURISM .For more information about this destination, call them directly at: 011-593-2-2507-560
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