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For more than a half-century, Travcoa has ensured that
guests travel in the utmost comfort and style to the most exceptional places in
the world. A leading luxury tour operator since 1954, Travcoa is renowned for
crafting unique journeys that feature meaningful cultural encounters without
sacrificing sophistication, style or luxury. Your journey is enriched through
the people you meet and the epicurean delights, events and places experienced
along the way.
Travcoa offers three styles of luxury travel experiences: discover worldwide
destinations in a small-group averaging 12 like-minded guests and our exclusive Dine-Around Program with an Escorted
Journey small-group luxury tour
; travel privately on a pre-set itinerary for two people, or as many as
you wish with private guided luxury travel on a Private Journey; or have one of our Custom Journey
Planners handcraft a Custom Journey to your exacting specifications. Each
style includes private transportation, superior accommodations, expert local
guides, privileged access to local treasures and natural wonders, and either
the company of one of our renowned Travcoa Travel Directors or on-call
assistance from Travel Guard throughout your journey.

Travcoa also offers Small-Ship Cruises and Private Jet Expeditions to many regions of the world.

Whichever way you prefer to travel, Travcoa pledges the highest level of
personal service with unparalleled attention to detail and value.
To travel with Travcoa, call your travel agent or a Travcoa Journey Consultant
at 1.800.992.2003, email or visit

New Endeavours

Contact Travcoa at 1.800.992.2003 or for our complete array of our luxury travel brochures:

  • World Traveler's Dream Book - Small-Group Luxury Tours collection
  • World Traveler's Dream Book - Private Guided Luxury Travel collection

Explore The World

A leading luxury tour operator since 1954, Travcoa is renowned for crafting unique journeys 
that feature meaningful cultural encounters without sacrificing sophistication, style or luxury, to take you beyond the extraordinary and into the exceptional.
Escorted Journeys: small-group
luxury tours
Many travelers prefer the camaraderie, flexibility and fun of small-group travel. Travcoa's style is quite unique: each Escorted Journey is limited to a maximum of 18 like-minded travelers and is led by an experienced Travcoa Travel Director working in combination with expert local guides. Each also features the best hotels in every destination, plus Travcoa's unique Dine-Around Program which allows guests to dine wherever and with whomever they choose, and it's all included in the journey price. Travcoa's Escorted Journeys travel to all seven continents.
Private Journeys: privately-guided luxury travel
Our ready-to-book Independent Journeys are designed to ensure your comfort and enjoyment, and to provide insider access to the world’s wonders. These journeys are ideal for couples, families, or friends who wish to travel together, privately, on the date of their choice. Superb accommodations, a car and driver, breakfast daily, exclusive excursions and the distinguished service of local guides are all impeccably arranged for you down to the smallest detail.
Custom Journeys: individually-designed
luxury travel
Handcrafting private travel adventures for sophisticated travelers is the bailiwick of Travcoa's Custom Journey Planners, who take the time to understand your personal needs and style. Each unique itinerary is tailored to your exact specifications in order to meet the needs and wishes of every member in your traveling party. Our Custom Journey Planners book all of the arrangements from air reservations and accommodations to local excursions and events. Featuring private transportation with a driver, expert local guides, luxury accommodations, and exclusive access to cultural and natural treasures, our Tailor-Made Journeys ensure that the world truly is your oyster.
Small-Ship Cruises: deluxe
journeys by small ship
Being on the water offers a unique vantage point for exploring. With a limited number of guests traveling on deluxe ships that are smaller in size, our Small-Ship Cruises offer unique opportunities such as traveling in the wake of early explorers, cruising by Zodiac through Arctic waters, kayaking among penguins, or playing soccer with villagers in the Amazon jungle. Led by a dynamic expedition team, you’ll benefit from specialized knowledge and personal attention that will provide a truly
enriching travel experience.
Private Jet Expeditions: luxury
journeys by Boeing 757
Flying by private jet offers all the essentials of personalized travel — flexible schedules, landings at airports close to both major and remote destinations, and the ultimate in comfort, convenience, service, and safety. Wherever your journey takes you, you'll fly by Boeing 757 private jet with 2X2 VIP-style seating customized for just 78 travelers. In addition, a knowledgeable expedition team enhances each experience, and offers one of the highest crew-to-guest ratios in the travel industry: 1 to 5.

Destinations & Activities
You can find tours to these countries on the map

We specialize in these types of tours

Castle Stay / Chateau Stay
Cruises / Barging - Canal
Cruises / River - Small Ships
Custom Designed
Escorted Tours
Family / Multi-Generational
FIT (Independent)
Length of Trip - 05 days or less
Length of Trip - 05 to 10 days
Length of Trip - 10 to 15 days
Length of Trip - 15 days or more
Private Jets

We offer Deluxe, Luxury & First Class tours

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