Why We Travel

Photo Credit: South African Tourism

Not Where… But Why?

Whether you’re planning a trip or about to take off, the first question people almost always ask is “where are you going?” Perhaps the more thoughtful question, however, is why?

People travel for many different reasons… to pursue a passion, meet new people, immerse oneself in another culture, taste a different cuisine, trace family or religious roots, or seek a transformative experience (and let’s not forget it’s fun… really fun!).

In fact, it’s generally the why  that dictates where.

In 2017, USTOA is putting a spotlight on Why We Travel – and why we travel together – by taking you behind-the-scenes with four real travelers who explored the world with tour operator members. You’ll create an emotional connection with these travelers as you discover why they chose to visit that destination, and, we hope be inspired by their rich and authentic local experiences and encounters

Get ready to discover why these travelers decided to visit Israel with Go Ahead Tours, South Africa with African Travel, China with Audley Travel and Switzerland with Tauck. We bet you’ll be inspired to travel – and travel together – for a completely new reason.

So ask yourself… why do  you travel?

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Photo Credit: Israel Ministry of Tourism/Noam Chen
Photo Credit: South African Tourism
Photo Credit: China National Tourist Office
Photo Credit: Switzerland Tourism/Jan Geerk